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Unplug Afterhours and Increase Productivity

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We are all guilty of it. We leave work for the day, and continue to check email, voicemail, and texts all evening long. In fact, we don’t only check them, but we respond. While it is easy to think that you are increasing your productivity by responding to even a handful of after-hours communication, odds are that you are doing just the opposite.

Your Brain Needs A Break

Statistics show that you significantly increase productivity by taking daily breaks—by an average of 34%. In your constantly connected personal and professional lives, you may be checking email alerts from the second you wake up, until you head to bed, and maybe even in the middle of the night.

Statistics show that the 10% most productive people in the workplace, take a 17-minute break for every hour they work each day, and they unplug daily for designated blocks of time.

Your Mind And Body Need Balance

You work hard, so you deserve to play hard too. To enjoy quality time with your friends and family, and even to enjoy time where you do little to nothing at all. Unplug in the PM, and you will wake focused and ready to tackle the day ahead. As an added bonus, focusing your attention elsewhere for even a short amount as little as 20 minutes allows you to regain a fresh perspective.

Even if you can’t make it happen 100% of the time, aim to unplug at least 3 evenings a week—and at least one of your 2 days off. The increased productivity will be immediate.

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