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Survey — What Things Should a Manager Do to Foster a Positive Work Atmosphere?

What things do employees wish their bosses did more often to build a positive work environment? In the process of interviewing over 200 professionals, we asked that very question: “What specific measures should a manager take toward fostering a positive work environment?”

Management styles can either reinforce or inhibit productivity. We wanted to know which qualities the average employee values most in a supervisor — what makes people feel motivated or appreciated versus what provokes discontent or underperformance.

Here are the top 10 responses we recorded from our surveyed group:

Number One: Acknowledge Progress – 29%

Employees tend to thrive on-the-job when they know they’re meeting expectations and performing tasks correctly. Receiving this validation directly from a manager will stimulate workers to continue making strides toward achieving company goals.

Giving A Praise

Number Two: Listen to Your Employees – 12%

Employees appreciate when their voices are heard and opinions are genuinely taken into account. A manager, who open-mindedly listens to input then applies this feedback toward improving work performance, will encourage organizational loyalty.

Discussing Business.


Number Three: Be Respectful – 11%

Employees value that tried-and-true expression: “treat others the way you’d want to be treated.” When a manager displays common courtesy and consideration toward workers, they will likely return this kindness by putting forth a diligent effort.

Number Four: Open Communication – 8%

Employees respond favorably to an even exchange of supervisor-to-workforce dialogue. A manager who maintains consistent communication and follows up on previous discussions creates an open-door policy that benefits the entire office.

Group of business partners looking at young man presenting compu

Number Five: Ask Questions – 7%

Employees enjoy feeling actively engaged in workplace brainstorming and strategizing. When a manager asks questions and seriously weighs responses, this shows the workers that their boss is approachable and interested in their performance.

Number Six: Office Happy Hour – 7%

Employees are more apt to identify with a manager who seems both relatable and personable. Offering incentives like after-hours cocktails can boost office morale, as workers can observe their boss’s laid-back side versus just the professional side.

Spending Friday Night In Bar.

Number Seven: Encourage Employees – 7%

Employees need positive reinforcement in order to become successful company assets. If a manager notices workers struggling or not meeting their potential, this is an ideal opportunity to lend support, as affirmative action gains employee trust.

Number Eight: Increase in Salary – 7%

Employees often fantasize about higher paychecks, but if they truly believe a promotion or raise is justified, a manager should take these concerns seriously. Moreover, workers should be able to plead their case without fear of immediate rejection.

Business Meeting.

Number Nine: Promote Teamwork – 7%

Employees thrive in collaborative settings as opposed to working independently for the majority of their shift. When a manager encourages people to come together as a group and undertake a common goal, more tasks will be accomplished.

Number Ten: Be Fair – 5%

Employees highly regard feeling comfortable enough to approach their boss with inquiries. While it might not be feasible to honor these requests, if a manager treats workers impartially and politely, both parties can strike a reasonable compromise.

From a professional standpoint, do you agree with these polled opinions? What traits do you particularly value in a supervisor? We’d love to keep the conversation going, so post your thoughts in the comment section below!


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